Each completed Survey earns $30 to $60

Time to complete is 10 to 12 minutes

Recurso 1

Be a subscriber with:

  • Comcast

Live in:

  •  Philadelphia Metro, Pennsylvania

You must be a pay-TV subscriber within any of the following states to participate:

Delaware, District of Columbia, Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia or West Virginia.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

We pay each completed survey by company check to your street address. Payment will arrive 2-3 weeks after acceptance of your survey. Payment information must match those of the participant provided in the survey.

We pay $30 to all completed survey participants, and we pay $5 for each additional Cable Set-Top Box beyond the first one that a completed participant may have. We want to make sure all report accurately all the Cable Set-Top Boxes they are currently utilizing. Please do not report any other box types such as Roku, Apple TV or Chromecast. Do not report any box that is not part of your current Cable subscription. For a survey to be accepted all Cable Set Top Boxes must be reported as required in the survey instructions

We pay after reviewing and confirming the survey is properly filled which takes us just 1 to 2 business days. Any survey that is not accepted first time will be allowed to retake. We will provide the reasons for any survey not initially accepted.

Yes! Refer a friend for the current survey and earn $10 for each survey completed and accepted by the person you refer. You can refer an unlimited number of friends and family, each of whom must be a valid participant for the current survey opportunity. Links for referred surveys are private and available. Contact us at surveys@efficco.com to obtain a referral link for a friend or family! Only persons who have fully completed a survey which has been accepted are eligible to refer other persons.

Only Cable TV Set-Top Boxes currently in use as part of a subscription by the participant are eligible. For this specific survey those are for Comcast, Cox and Altice (aka Cablevision). We may survey other box types in other surveys.

Survey participants must be real, bona fide subscribers to the Cable TV services claimed, at the location claimed. Any response that does not meet this requirement will be rejected. Only 1 survey response is allowed per participant

We analyze the types of Set-Top Boxes deployed to subscribers as a way to monitor their overall energy efficiency. Your participation helps us improve energy efficiency of Set-Top Boxes and other electronic equipment.

Efficiency Company LLC, or Efficco, for short, is a New Jersey company in business since 2013, that undertakes energy research activities and registered in the State of New Jersey as Entity ID 0450409664. One of our services is providing energy efficiency research results to partners for various devices through surveys of members of the public. We are based in historic Moorestown, New Jersey. Find out more about us and our full compliment of services on this on menu links above.



Enter the survey and fill the questions within the survey (around 4 minutes)


Take at least 1 clean picture for each Set-Top Box and show today's date. As shown in the picture below:


Click done. That’s all. Get paid!