Industry Insights On Energy Savings

Mckinsey &Co: $1.3 TRILLION in wasted energy can be eliminated by 2020. In this report, McKinsey offers a detailed analysis of the magnitude of the efficiency potential in non-transportation uses of energy, a thorough assessment of the barriers that impede the capture of greater efficiency, and an outline of the practical solutions available to unlock the potential…learn more

Energy Information Administration: 27 States have instituted Energy Efficiency Resource Standards, driving capital investments in energy efficiency that approach supply side numbers. Energy Efficiency Resource Standards (EERS) established by states have joined other regulatory and policy measures as a primary driver of energy efficiency programs in the United States…learn more

Deustche Bank & Rockefellar Foundation: $1 TRILLION in wasted energy can be eliminated in 10 years.Upgrading and replacing energy-consuming equipment in buildings offers an important capital investment opportunity, with the potential for significant economic, climate, and employment impacts. In the United States alone, more than $279 billion could be invested across the residential, commercial, and institutional market segments. This investment could yield more than $1 trillion of energy savings over 10 years, equivalent to savings of approximately 30% of the annual electricity spend in the United States…learn more

Natural Resources Defense Council: For products purchased through 2035, Americans will save $2.4 trillion because of energy efficiency standards set over the past three decades. Your new refrigerator and clothes washer do more than just keep your food cold or clean your clothes. They save money and energy, too—and a new report shows just how much standards are savings households in every state. As appliances and equipment get more efficient, residents in every U.S. state benefit. In 2015, household utility bill savings equaled as much as 27 percent of total utility bills thanks to standards for appliances and equipment …learn more